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Online Advertising

Billions of people make use of the internet worldwide, now imagine the number of people to see the advertisement you display online. We can help you publish your advertisement on thousands of websites with huge Nigerian traffic. We will help you figure out all other technical issues involved in launching a successful online adverts campaign, leaving you to concentrate on answering the phone calls and emails you will surely get from your online Adverts traffic.


Facebook today has millions of advertisers advertising one thing or the other. Facebook advertising has shown to be very effective over the years, hence it has become a toast for advertisers. Virtually everyone on the planet now has a facebook account , millions of your potential customers also are on facebook. We can help you develop your Facebook advert campaign within minutes and you will begin to see instant results.

Mobile Marketing

We can help you send your SMS adverts to any part of the country via our reliable Bulk SMS website www.smsfast.com.ng . We also have the phone number database of every Nigerian Sorted by Names, Gender, State, Local government Areas. SMS Advertising yields quickest results, hence the adoption of this marketing strategy by politicians, Business people etc. Buy the Phone Number Database for the whole country for N70,000 (promo price). Buy per each states in the country for N10,000

Business Registration

There are many benefits attached to registering your business with CAC, one of such benefits is the fact that you’ll be recognised by the Govt and many more. Going to the CAC yourself for business registration could take months to be through. We can register your business for you within 2 weeks and have your CAC certificate shipped to you anywhere in the world.


Our Bulk SMS website: www.smsfast.com.ng offers the best Bulk SMS service in Nigeria in terms of Cheap pricing, 100% SMS delivery and reliability. Many companies and organizations have found our SMS offering so reliable over the years, hence our LARGE client base for Bulk SMS. Register today.

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About us

We provide cutting edge services, paying attention to details thereby making our customers happy.

Online Academy is an innovation of Phaljames Resources which is a registered company through the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC: 373889). As you can see, Online Academy is a ONE- STOP SHOP where so many things take place. From E-learning --- Digital Marketing Training and Consultancy--- Web Designing--- Online Reputational Management---Business Registration , we do all these and even much more better than any company in Nigeria. Apart from being THE BEST ONLINE EDUCATOR IN NIGERIA, feel free to call us NIGERIA’S BEST DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY also. Internet is such a vital tool to the services we offer in our company, hence the name “ONLINE ACADEMY” . Our commitment to details, support and teaching has really spoken for us all through the time we have existed which has led to the many students that we have trained via our e-learning platform on this same website and the clients that have great things to say about us as regards our other services..Don’t leave this website without patronizing us. IT IS YOUR TIME TO HAVE A FEEL OF WHAT QUALITY SERVICE REALLY IS. Welcome to www.onlineacademy.com.ng.

  • we support

    We give 100% support to our customers and e-learning students

  • Usability focus

    We focus strongly on function and usability especially to our Web designing clients

  • Learning control

    Our students control the pace at which they learn

  • Moderate fees

    We render quality services for unbelievably cheap fees


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